How to Create a Nearly Absurd Income With Google AdSense

For those who know or learn the methods of navigation, internet holds millions of dollars to be raked in as business profits. Google AdSense business is one of the vehicles which can bring you such profits.

Where to begin?

The first towards generating profits from Google AdSense business is to identify a keyword that pays between $1 and $10.00 per click. It is rumored that Google generally pays 50% of the keyword price as pay per click. Therefore, you should look for keywords priced around $ 20.0.

What next?

The next step is to create a web page for the chosen keyword. This step will involve thorough research on the keyword to come up with quality content. Once the page is created, incorporate your Google AdSense code into it. Now you have created a web page with ads paying 1-10 dollars per click and need visitors to click on the ads.

Apply for an AdWords account

Apply for an AdWords account and shape your ads for the new web page. In creating the page, use the maximum possible number of keywords (up to 10,000 keywords) and bid for the least possible. Remember, it is perfectly all right to use even misspelled words.

Do a sample calculation

If you bid $0.05 for each visitor, 100 visitors cost you $5.0. At a 5% conversion rate, the 5 clicks gives you between $1 and $10.00. Taking a middle rate of $5.00 as your income at 1% conversion, we assume your break-even at 1% conversion. In practice however, the ratios will vary and you should be aiming at about 3% conversions to earn a decent profit.

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