5 Tips to Max Out Google AdSense Earnings on Your Blog

As a beginning blogmaster, if you want to make money with your blog, one of the fastest ways to do it is through placing AdSense Ads on your blog, because with your traffic you can start making money with AdSense in a matter of minutes and it is a super fast installation.
It takes time to learn all of the ins and outs of AdSense. Some blog owners and webmasters make their primary living from AdSense ads alone. But for now, until you become an expert, here are a few basic steps that will really make a difference in your AdSense earnings.
1. One format of AdSense ad has been said to work the best. This format is the large rectangle (336x280). This format is purported to have a higher click through rate (CTR), the reason being because this ad resembles more of a normal web link, so people being conditioned to clicking on that sort of link are more prone to click on this visual type of AdSense link. They may or may not know they are clicking on an AdSense ad, but the extra clicks will all be to your advantage.
It also has been suggested that putting a banner at the top of your page, whether AdSense or another ad has very good results.
2. For AdSense ads you need to create a custom color palette for your ads. Select a color that will go well with the background of your site. If your site has a white background, try to use white as the color of your ad border and background. The idea to patterning the colors is to make the AdSense look like it is part of the web page and blends. Again, This will result to more clicks from people visiting your site.
3. Remove the AdSense from the bottom of the page of your site and place them more towards the top, rather than hiding them. Put them in the place where people can see them right away. You will be amazed how the difference between AdSense locations can make when you see your earnings.
4. It is important to mention at this point that putting the AdSense ads on the left side towards the top of your page may not be a good idea depending on the type of blog you have an what you are offering. Put your primary product in that slot. It is a known fact that your reader's eye is drawn to the left side of the page, so you will want your most important premium content there.
5. For beginners this particular situation can be a quandary. Google will automatically place the ads on your site with content that shares the same topic as your blog. Sometimes the ads Google gives you will be a direct competitor and take your visitors from your site. There is an area in the Google AdSense section that lets you block certain ads, so if you are concerned about some ads you have been given, set a block on them and they will be replaced automatically within a few minutes with a different ad.
These are tips that have worked well and will increase the number of click through rates you get on your blog. The topic of the ads should match your blog topic, the ads should blend, try the size recommended, and as you become more familiar with the potential of AdSense ads and gain knowledge as to what the possibilities of these ads entail, once you get a more advanced knowledge base, there are other options you can exercise that can skyrocket your results.

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