Harga MAINBOARD ASUS / INTEL / FOXCON Harco Mangga Dua 10 Februari 2012

Harga Mainboard ASUS / INTEL / FOXCON
MB FOXCON G41 (DDR3,V,S,L,775) Rp. 399,356
MB FOXCON H61 (DDR3,V,S,L,775) Rp. 500,888
P5G41T-MLX / LX3- Astrindo(DDR3,,V,S,L,775) Rp. 495Rb/479Rb
P5G41T-MLX – - (DDR3,,V,S,L,775) Rp. 460,275
P8H61-M – - / Astrindo (DDR3,,V,S,L,775) Rp. 660Rb/715Rb
P5KPLAM-SE – - (DDR2,V,S,L,775) Rp. Call
ENPC G41 (Intel,S,L, PCIX, DDR3) Rp. 338,438
INTEL G41 WV (DDR3,,V,S,L,775) Rp. 473,813
ECS G41T-R16 (INTEL, DDR3,V,S,L,PCI-X,775) Rp. 361,903
ECS H61M-M12 (INTEL, DDR3,V,S,L,PCI-X,775) Rp. 482,838
FOXCON H55H-M (INTEL, DDR3,V,S,L,PCI-X,775) Rp. 627,238
ASROCK G41C-VS3 (INTEL, V, PCI-E,S,L,775) Rp. 398,905
GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2 (V,S,L,PCIX,DDR3) Rp. 613,700
J W 6100 (AM2,V 128,S,L,PCIX,DDR) Rp. 376,794
EXTREME C78 (AM2,V 128,S,L,PCIX,DDR2) Rp. 297,825
ECS MCP 61M-M3 (AM2,V 128,S,L,PCIX,DDR) Rp. 388,075
ECS 780LM-M2 (AM2,V 256,S,L,PCIX,DDR) Rp. 388,075
ECS A880LM-M (AM3,V,S,L,PCIX,DDR3) Rp. 505,400
Intel AMPTRON/SAVIO 478/LGA (V,S,L,PCIX) Rp. 293,313
Intel AMPTRON G31 LGA DDR2 INTEL (V,S,PCIX) Rp. 282,031
Intel SAVIO G41 LGA DDR3 INTEL (V,S,PCIX) Rp. 338,438
Intel ADVANCE G31 (V,S,L,PCIX) Rp. 297,825
ECS G43T-WM (INTEL, DDR2,V,S,L,PCI-X,775) Rp. 319,936
GA H55-MS2V (IP55, DDR2, V,S,L) Rp. 997,263
GA H61M-S2P-B3 (IH61, DDR3, V,S,L) Rp. 821,275
GA G41MT-S2 By NE / PI (IP41, DDR3, V,S,L) Rp. Call
GA G41MT-S2P (IP41, DDR3, V,S,L) Rp. 521,645

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