Top Guest Bloggers on QOT

QOT featured some amazing guest bloggers this year, and as first half of 2008 closes, I take this opportunity to thank them for sharing their tips and experience with QOT readers. I am sure you enjoyed them as much as I did. Here they are in case you missed them… and I also checked what they are blogging about right now

Alan Johnson from the wrote many articles and taught us about some facts and fiction of doing business online and gave some suggestions for those looking for guarantees. He told us about 7 surefire ways to leave a bad impression and challenged our blogging personality. He is giving a free online business handbook if you subscribe to his newsletter.

S. Maheshwaran from My Mind Leaks shared his expertise about 5 Steps to Build Social Search Engine for Your Blog. He recently blogged about the best iPhone Apps on his site.

Malcolm Sheppard from GILL Media taught us the 9 easy tips for effective business blogging. Malcolm recently wrote an interesting article on their site about 7 reasons why nobody’s visiting your site

Emilia from tipped us on how to market Your business online with affiliate marketing. They can teach you how to make big money as an affiliate on their site.

Sumesh from Blog Creativity described the Best Use of Twitter for Bloggers. He is pondering on his site if it is the end of blogging tips niche for blogs.

Quakeboy from shared some essential tips to enhance your Word 2007 experience. He recently discussed ways to hide folders in Windows XP on his blog.

Jake Pitt from presented an Entrepreneur’s guide to getting that startup off the ground. He can guide you how to avoid work at home scams.

I thank these guest bloggers who spent their valuable time writing these great articles and shared their amazing tips and experience with our readers. If you have something to share with our readers, why not write a guest article.

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